Tourism in Hathras

Hathras is a small city in north-western Uttar Pradesh. A city belonging to the Brij region of north India has various linkages to the Hindu mythology, especially the epic Mahabharata. Braj is essentially the land of Krishna as according to many mythological texts it is the place where the god used to graze his cows and plays with his friends. The land is, therefore, sacred to the Hindus. Hathras and the surrounding localities like Mathura share such sacredness in terms of Hindu mythological value and famously called ‘Braj Ki Dehri’ (Threshold to Braj).


In 1997, a new district was formed fluxing some parts of Aligarh, Mathura and Agra districts together and given the name Mahamaya Nagar. And recently this district was renamed Hathras. The city is the municipal board of the Hathras district. The city has an intriguing history of various kingdoms and rulers. From the Rajputs, the Marathas, the Scindhias, the Jats to the British, the city witnessed them all in its past times. Evidently the city is home to numerous emblems of its association with both mythology and history. The best time to visit Hathras is from October to March.

Major Attractions of Hathras

Hathras Fort
Hathras city has various spots those are must-visit for curious travelers. The Hathras Fort is the most visited place which represents the city’s glorious history. The fort was built during the reign of Raja Dayaram Singh in around the 18th century. Though the old fort was destroyed with time, a new royal fort was made at the same place. At this place various remains of ancient relics from the Maurya, Kushan and other Jain periods were found.

Temples in Hathras

Hathras has a beautiful blend of historical and religious concoction. Visitors are often lured by some attractive temples scattered throughout the city and surrounding areas. The most famous temples to be visited in Hathras are:

Dauji Maharaj Temple
Situated at Naya Gunj in Hasayan, the temple of Dauji Maharaj ji is the most popular religious place in Hathras. It also hosts Mata Revatiji in the temple. Lord Balram, the elder brother of Bhagwan Shri Krishna who is adoringly called as Dauji Maharaj by the local people is widely worshipped in this area. Every year during September month a festival is organised by the temple authority. This is also the biggest festival in Hathras city which presents a vast gathering of religious and cultural programmes during this festival.

Bhadra Kali Temple
Another important temple in Hathras is the Bhadra Kali Temple of Shahpau which possesses archaeological value.

Baghraya Temple
This is another famous temple in the city in where Baba Jaharveer is worshipped. It also salutes the 51 freedom fighter fom the Hathras district who fought for India’s independence.

Some other popular temples in Hathras city are Shivji Mandi, Navagrah Mandi, Hanuman Mandir, Pathwari Mandi, Gopeshwar Mahadev Mandir at the main city station, Bohrey Wali Devi Mandir, Dakshinmukhi Hanumanji Maharaj Mandir, Chintaharan Temple, Shri Nath Ji Chamunda Mata Mandir of Chawar Gate, Chaubey Wale Mahadev Mandir and Masani Devi Temple which are situated at the outskirt of the city.


Teerthdham Mangalayatan
Hathras has a fascinating historical backdrop which goes back to various layers of religious and political rule over this region. Jainism was one of the religious practices widely assumed in this part of the country for ages. The city boasts an astonishing Jain pilgrimage complex which is called the Teerthdham Mangalayatan and has become a great reason to be proud of. The complex was built by the Shri Adinath Kund-Kund Kahan Digambar Jain Trust. This site was built to embrace the social and religious service together to form a unicultural platform for both devotees and researchers. The temple has four individual temples inside those are Adinath Temple, Mahaveer Temple, Bahubali Temple and Shri Bhagwan Adinath Swami Manstambh. This is believed to be the largest Jain religious pilgrimage-cum-research centre in the country.

Apart from these places Hathras has some more places to attract interested visitors. Monument of Major Robert Naim, monument in remembrance of Samuel Anderson Nichterlein and a mound known as Gohana Khera are some of these.

Travel Agencies in Hathras

As the city has a number of tourist attractions to offer, tourism itself plays a crucial part of the city's economy. The city provides several travel agencies to help the visitors experience the city. Some well known agencies are:

Dev Mata Agency
Naya Gunj, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No. +919897566390

Aabwasi Tours & Travels
Etah Road, Sikandra Rau, Hathras
Contact No. +919927499511

Jai Ambey Travels
Near Puja Furniture House, Agra Road, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No. +918126625065

Yadav Tours & Travels
Yadav Market, Hanumanji Mandir, Jalesar Road, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No. +919758185312

Jai Maa Tours & Travels
Near Shreyash Grameen Bank, Agra Road, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No. +919837238837

Hotels in Hathras

Hathras offers plentiful luxury and budget hotels, guest houses etc. as well as restaurants throughout the city. Some names are given below:

Galaxy Hotel
Shyam Kunk, Agra Road, Hathras
Contact No. 05722 232827

Hotel Prayag Garden

Opposite M G Polytechnic Institute, Agra Road, Hathras

Mahek Hotel
Kamala Bazar, Hathras
Contact No. +919897635101

Atik Hotel
Main Market, Hathras
Contact No. +919286806117

thakur Hotel
Near LIC Office, Sikandra Rau, Hathras

Baksa Hotel
Main Market, Gadola Road, Hathras
Contact No. +919358969255

Dixit Dharamshala
Ashok Nagar, Agra Road, Hathras

Roshan Vatika
Mathura Road, Hathras

Gupta Hotel & Restaurant
Near Rodwej Bus Stand, Agra Road, Hathras

Khandelwal Dharamshala Society
Khati Khana, Sasni Gate, Hathras

Mohor Guest House
Mursan Gate Road, Hathras

Radha Khrishna Bhawan Guest House
Opposite DRB College, Agra Road, Hathras

Mahajan Vaishy Panchayat Dharamshala
Mandu Gate Police Station, Hathras

Nai Dharamshala
B. H. Oil Mill Road, Chamar Gate, Hathras

Hotel Ruchika
Near Bus Stand, Hathras
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