Business and Economy of Hathras

Uttar Pradesh has seen some rapid growth in the GDP in recent years. Depending mainly on the agricultural sector the city Hathras has also a great degree of contribution towards the state’s attainment of a steady 8.08% GDP growth rate in 2010-2011.

Business and Economy of Hathras

Agriculture in Hathras

The economy of Hathras is largely dependent on agriculture. The Indo-Gangetic plain has always helped the Uttar Pradesh contributing a major part of food-grain cultivation. Hathras as being at the western part of the state is more fertile than the others parts of the state. Mostly wheat, bajra, ragi, sugarcane, pulses, rice, potatoes and oil seeds are the main agricultural products of Hathras. The place grows mangoes and apples as well. City is famous for hing or the asafoetida production. There are almost 150 large and small units for producing hing in Hathras. This product fetches crores of annual turnovers.

Almost 70% of the labored workforce are engaged in this agricultural and its allied fields.

Large, Medium and Small Scale Industrial Units in Hathras

In the recent past, Hathras has experience some important industrial transitions. In the pre-Independence British period, Hathras had become a major industrial sector of Northern India. The main industrial parts of Hathras are Hathras city, Shadabad mini, Sahpau mini and Sikandra Rau. The macro industrial units in Hathras are of two types: Agro-based and Petroleum (Bharat Petroleum Corporation ltd.).

The medium scale industry which has flourished in Hathras is the milk and milk products industry at Sasni. And the micro or small scale industrial units are like, cotton, wooden furniture, woolen materials, jute and jute based, ready-made garments, paper and paper products, chemical based, rubber, handicraft products, lather, electrical & machinery parts etc. have rapidly taken place. Hathras is famous for its exquisite glass beads.

The city specifically the Purdil Nagar unit exports as much as 10 crore (hundred million) rupees annually. Another important exporting material in Hathras is the colour industry (for the Holi festivals) which has an annual turnover of approximately 24 crores. The city is also well known for desi ghee manufacturing.

The Government of Hathras has announced various schemes to promote the medium and small scale industries. Metal handicraft, wax products, dress materials and other fancy products are among such schemes in which the youths are being encouraged to get involved.
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